Triple Nickel Bulldogges
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 1]. Deposits are a minimum of $300.....  You can use cash, paypal, postal money orders, western union for deposits/payments 

2]. Deposits [or payments] are non refundable. Once you pick a pup, if you decide you don't want the puppy,  then you forfeit your deposit. [If you send an "open" deposit and don't want/cant get a puppy from that litter, then your deposit can go to the next litter,]. [“Open" deposit is a deposit that has been sent, but no pup chosen yet - Picks are in order of deposits received]. 

3]. We can ship your pup to you if you want us to. Buyer is responsible for all shipping cost. [We will help schedule the flight arrangements for you also if you want us too.]....... 

4]. You have full responsibility for  the puppy /dog you have received from purchase date forward.... be sure and have your  pup checked by your vet with in 48 hrs. Upon receiving! Depending on the age of the pup, you may need to schedule appointments for next set of puppy shots and worming.  The buyer is responsible for all veterinarian expenses from purchase date forward. YOU, the buyer, have full rights to your puppy/dog...   you have the right to breed, or not to breed your puppy once it becomes an "adult" dog.  If you decide you want to breed your dog, then you should evaluate your dog once it becomes of breeding age, and decide what you are breeding for, and why before you make that decision.... 

5]. Buying a puppy/dog takes a lot of responsibility, be sure you are ready for that responsibility! 

6]. We guarantee against genetic defects that cause death or serious impairment of the vital functions of your puppy, that came from our breeding program until the pup is one year old. If a major genetic defect is found, we will exchange your puppy with another of equal value.  We will need your veterinarians dated and signed statement of the puppy's genetic condition and the cause of that defect or condition. [At no time is the seller responsible for any vet expenses. Or illness, defects/conditions caused by buyers neglect, abuse, improper nutrition, mishandling or any injuries to puppy caused by said conditions.] This guarantee does not cover what in the Bulldogge breed some consider normal or beyond our control; i.e. cherry eye, entropian, loose hips, stenotic nares ( loud sounding or "sniffing" sound when breathing ).

 FILL out Buyer information., SIGN, and  SEND with your deposit:

[Also give description/color/sex and amount of pup, if pup has already been chosen]...

Sex: Male.......   Female......  Color:_________________________________________      D.O.B.______________ 

Sire:________________________________________________            Dam:_____________________________________________

 Purchase price of pup $___________________________  

 Amount of deposit sent $____________________________

Signature of Buyer; __________________________________________________Date:________________________

Print Name: _____________________________________________________________ __________________Phone#__________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________    

City: __________________________________________________________ State:__________________________ Zip:____________________________

E-Mail address:________________________________________________________________________________________

       Send to:

Tony & Debby Rucco

P.O. Box 1021                                           

   White Salmon, WA. 98672